The Adventures of Frank RaceThe Adventures of Frank Race 

The Adventures of Frank Race – “The Adventure of The Shanghai Incident.” (1949)

Welcome back folks to yet another drama packed episode from the Uncle Erich Presents™ series.

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Today, we listen to another drama packed episode from  The Adventures of Frank Race radio series.

Frank Race mainly investigates international insurance scams around the globe, in various exotic locations, making him something of a cross between James Bond, and Johnny Dollar.

This series ran in 1949.

Today’s episode is titled  “The Adventure Of The Shanghai Incident.” 

Frank flies to China to find the killer of Charles Howard, an old friend. South China Transport had been indemnified against cargo loss and lately they have done nothing but loose cargo.

An investigator previously employed had been murdered on the job, and now the insurance underwriters wanted Race to investigate in Shanghai.

Intrigue follows Frank at every corner.

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