The Adventures of Frank Race The Adventures of Frank Race 

The Adventures of Frank Race – “The Adventure of The Daring Debutante” (1949)

Welcome back folks to yet another drama packed episode from the Uncle Erich Presents™  series. I’m so very glad you tuned in ! Today, we listen to a popular drama series called The Adventures of Frank Race. Frank Race mainly investigates international insurance scams around the globe, in various exotic locations, making him something of a cross between James Bond, and Johnny Dollar. This series ran in 1949. Today’s episode is titled “The Adventure Of The Daring Debutante.”  This episode is brought to you by . At BoomerFlix,  you…

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Suspense Radio Show Suspense 

Suspense – “The Hitch Hiker” (1942)

Welcome back folks to yet another suspenseful episode from the Uncle Erich Presents™ series. I’m so very happy you tuned in again ! Today’s episode is a Suspense thriller called   “The Hitch Hiker.”  Ronald Adams is driving cross-country from Brooklyn to California. On the Brooklyn Bridge he sees a hitch hiker but keeps driving on.  Strangely, the hitch hiker reappears again and again on the roadside as he continues to drive on.  Ronald Adams gets desperate to rid himself of the mysterious man on the side of the road,…

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