Boston Blackie Radio Show Detective Boston Blackie 

Boston Blackie – “Sam Bellows is Dead.” (1945)

Welcome back folks to  another exciting episode from the Uncle Erich Presents™  Classic Radio series ! I am so glad you tuned in again, and hope you are enjoying listening to these exciting episodes. Today, we make another visit with Detective Boston Blackie. Today’s episode is titled  “Sam Bellows is Dead.” In this episode, Boston Blackie needs to see a man who won’t answer the door. Blackie tells Farraday he killed the man in order to locate the man. When the man suddenly turns up dead, Blackie has to clear…

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Mister Keen Radio Show Mister Keen - Tracer of Lost Persons 

Mister Keen – “The Case of The Murdered Detective” (1950)

Welcome back folks to yet another exciting episode from the Uncle Erich Presents series!  This episode is from the classic Mister Keen, Tracer of Lost Persons Series. Titled – “The Case of the Murdered Detective.” Plot – A police detective friend of Mister Keen and Clancy,  is murdered while investigating a charity theft. This exciting episode is brought to you by BoomerFlix.com!. At BoomerFlix,  you can watch thousands of the old classic television shows, movies and the classic horror movies you grew up with  for Free !  Give BoomerFlix a visit! You’ll just LOVE…

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Dragnet Radio Show Dragnet Radio Series 

Dragnet – “Spring Street Gang, Juveniles.” (1949)

Welcome back folks to yet another drama packed episode from the Uncle Erich Presents™ Classic Radio Series. I’m so very glad you tuned in again and am really hoping you’re enjoying Uncle Erich’s podcast ! Today, we listen to an episode from the very popular drama series you may have heard of.  It’s the Dragnet Radio Show, starring Jack Webb. The Dragnet Radio Show ran from 1949 to 1957 and  preceded the popular Dragnet Television Series. Today’s episode is titled  “Spring Street Gang,  Juveniles.” This episode is brought to you…

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