Three Skeleton Key Bonus Episode 

Escape – “Three Skeleton Key” (Bonus Episode) Starring Vincent Price

Today folks, Uncle Erich Presents™  is sharing a bonus horror episode for you to enjoy. Normally, Uncle Erich publishes great episodes every Wednesday and Sunday. However, today Uncle Erich wants to share a classic horror story titled “Three Skeleton Key” starring Vincent Price. In this bonus episode,  a derelict three master ship is headed straight for the lighthouse. Three men are employed as lighthouse keepers on Three Skeleton Key island. The island got its name from 3 convicts who died while escaping from prison. It is a lonely and scary job because the…

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Suspense Radio Show Suspense 

Suspense – “The Doctor Prescribed Death.” Bela Lugosi (1942)

Welcome back folks to yet another suspenseful episode from the Uncle Erich Presents™ Classic Radio Series. I’m so very happy you tuned in again. I hope you are enjoying these classic radio episodes. In today’s episode we listen to another mysterious file from the Suspense series titled “The Doctor Prescribed Death” starring Bela Lugosi. The “Doctor Prescribed Death” is a mysterious episode that will leave you on the edge of your seat. The suspenseful drama follows the life of a mysterious doctor who has been diagnosed with an incurable illness.…

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