Broadway Is My Beat - Crime Fiction Broadway Is My Beat 

Broadway is My Beat – “The Andrew Jenkins Case.” (1949)

Welcome back folks to yet another drama packed episode from the Uncle Erich Presents™  Classic Crime Radio series. I’m so very glad you tuned in,  and I hope you are enjoying the podcast !  If you are,  please tell others to tune in too.  I’d really appreciate it. Today,  we listen to the crime drama series called  Broadway Is My Beat. Broadway Is My Beat is a radio crime drama that ran on CBS from 1949 to 1954, with Anthony Ross portraying Times Square Detective Danny Clover Today’s episode is…

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Dangerous Assignment - Radio Show Dangerous Assignment 

Dangerous Assignment – “Millionaire Murders.” (1949) DYN FEBRUARY 14, 2022 UNCLE ERICH

Welcome back folks to yet another suspense packed episode from the Uncle Erich Presents™ radio series ! I do hope you are enjoying these episodes, and I am so happy you tuned in again. Today,  we visit the suspenseful radio show, Dangerous Assignment.  In Dangerous Assignment, international operative Steve Mitchell is always sent into dangerous situations. While the plots of the show were often preposterous, they were perfect for keeping listeners engaged and on the edge of their seats. Veteran film actor Brian Donlevy breathed life into the character of…

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