Mister Keen Radio Show - Crime FictionMister Keen - Tracer of Lost Persons 

Mr. Keen – “The Case of The Missing Witness.” (1944)

Welcome back folks to yet another exciting episode from the Uncle Erich Presents™ Classic Radio series.

Today’s episode comes from the classic Mister Keen Tracer of Lost Persons Series, and is titled “The Case of the Missing Witness.” This episode first aired in 1944.

Mr. Keen was an amateur detective with a knack for solving cases that were too difficult for even seasoned professionals to crack open.

His team consisted of only two people: himself and his trusty sidekick Mike Clancy, a former policeman who had retired from active duty, but remained ever vigilant of crime-fighting activities in his city.

Together they worked tirelessly to bring justice and closure to unsolved crimes throughout their state.

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Now, Enjoy this great episode from the Mister Keen Series titled
“The Case of the Missing Witness.”


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