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Bold Venture – “Treasure on Flamingo Cay” (1951)

Welcome back folks to yet another exciting episode from the Uncle Erich Presents™ series !

We revisit yet another adventure from the Bold Venture Series.

This episode is titled,  “Treasure on Flamingo Cay.”

As you may remember, a Salty seadog Slate Shannon, played by Humphrey Bogart owns a Cuban hotel, sheltering a group of treasure hunters, revolutionaries, and other pretty shady characters.

With his sidekick,  Sailor Duval, played by Lauren Bacall tagging along, they encounter modern-day pirates and other tough situations, while navigating the waters around Havana, Cuba.

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Now, Enjoy this great episode with Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall, titled  “Treasure on Flamingo Cay.”

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